UE4 Tile Sizes and Number of Tiles



  • Wrath X

    Are you saying you got it to work by setting your total size to 19,171? I can't replicate it as the build menu seems to override the terrain definition, and the build settings only offer power of 2 sizes for tiled output.

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  • David Russell

    Yup, this alone has prevented me from purchasing for unreal. I will keep using world creator. I really need Unreal Engine specific sizes (127, 253, 505, 1009, etc.)and I saw they said this would be added in the near future, a year ago. Any updates on this?
    the forums announcements seem to have died, and I can't see public release notes to see if it was fixed/added.

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  • Talisson Bento

    I'm being preventing to buy it because is missing this important feature, there is any date to release that?
    would be very important to export custom sizes of tiles.

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