Splat map Alpha export



  • Ocean Quigley

    Also, a few Splat Map feature requests, for your consideration:

    1. Allow me to export them in lower resolutions and bit depths? 1024 16bit is way overkill

    2. Allow me to flip them on export? Unity has a mismatch between how it imports the heightfield and the splatmaps, so I wind up having to flip it vertically in Photoshop, which is a pain.

    3. Automatically subtract channels from each other and normalize (ideally in RGBA or ABGR order? ( so that no pixel sums to more than 1 in R, G, B and A). 

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  • zackblack74

    Has there been any progress on this? Creating terrain is easy, but half my nodes (9 to 10 of them) go to running the math to get the splat map values properly calculated, and even still I'm not convinced the output is exact. Very tedious

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